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Benefits Of Using Massage Lotions & Oils

Massage lotions & oils are an essential part of a massage session. Whether getting a regular, deep tissue or a chiropractic massage, it is never the same without a good massage oil or lotion. The massage therapist may be experienced and skilled, the environment may be breath-taking, but a massage is not effective without the appropriate oils and lotions.

Comfort - In order to experience an immense sense of well being as well as the immense therapeutic benefits of a massage, an appropriate massage oil must be used. Oils and lotions reduce the friction between the hands of the masseur and the client's body, thus ensuring the experience is comfortable and enjoyable. A good oil or lotion must provide a smooth glide to prevent heat generation or friction to avoid causing discomfort.

Keeps Skin Healthy - One of the great benefits of massage lotions & oils is moisturizing the skin. A massage session that uses a good oil or lotion confers therapeutic benefits to the skin by keeping it moisturized, well hydrated, and smooth for a long period of time. This guarantees healthy, glowing skin that everyone yearns for. Massage oils also contain vitamins and botanicals that are essential for skin regeneration and repair.

Protection From Harmful Bacteria - Some massage lotions & oils contain antibacterial botanicals and herbal ingredients that help fight off harmful pathogens that invade the skin. There are essential oils that have anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti oxidant properties that aid in skin renewal, rejuvenation and healing.

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